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7 Signs You Need to Change Spark Plugs

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

The spark plugs are one of the most crucial parts of the engine of the vehicle. It ensures that the engine of the vehicle is in good shape and functions properly. The job of the spark plug is to ignite the fuel oxygen mixture which is present in the cylinder head. This is used to generate a massive force that causes the engine to start. When the spark plugs are worn out, they can cause massive damage to the engine. The engine performance will be degraded.

The fuel consumption rate will increase. There can also be an engine misfire. So, if you do not want any of these things to happen, then you need to keep your eyes open for any signs of worn-out spark plugs and take the necessary actions. So, here we have listed out some of the signs which signify that the spark plugs of your vehicle need to be changed:

The car is experiencing difficulty in starting:

This is one of the major signs that the spark plugs are not in order. Starting problems may occur because of battery-related issues as well, but if this occurs frequently, then you need to get the spark plugs inspected as well.

The engine is rough idling:

If your engine vibrates and sounds rough while idling, then it is a sign that the cylinder of the vehicle is misfiring and cylinder misfiring mostly occurs when there is any kind of problem with the spark plugs of the vehicle. So, if such a situation arises, then you need to get the spark plugs checked so that the engine starts operating again.

7 Signs You Need to Change Spark Plugs

There is an engine misfiring:

A misfiring engine signifies that there is some defect with the ignition system of the car. This can either occur because of a sensor problem or defective spark plugs. So, if you notice that the engine is running in a rough manner and there is frequent engine misfiring, then the spark plugs will have to be inspected.

The fuel consumption has rapidly increased:

If you find that you are being forced to visit the fuel station every now and then, it signifies that the spark plugs are defective. It can cause the fuel consumption rate to increase to a massive extent. So, in such a situation, you need to check the spark plugs and get them replaced so that the fuel consumption gets back to normal.

The car does not accelerate like before:

When you press the accelerator and the car still does not respond immediately, then it signifies that the spark plugs are not able to generate the required heat. This can cause the acceleration system to get hampered, and the car will also not respond well in different situations.

The engine has become noisier:

If you find that the engine is producing more noise than usual, it means that the spark plugs are not firing properly. This can also cause the engine to vibrate more than usual. If this situation is not taken into account, then the engine will gradually start to lose its efficiency. So, consider replacing the spark plugs so that the performance of the engine is not affected.

The warning light on the engine has turned on:

Most cars come with warning lights on the engine. If any of the engine parts get damaged or require quick inspection, then the warning light will turn on. So, if you see that the warning light of the engine is on, then you can get the engine checked as soon as possible.

If you see notice any of these signs, you should get the spark plugs of your engine inspected so that the performance of the engine does not get degraded with time.

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