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Car cleaning hacks to make your spring cleaning last

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Car cleaning hacks

After the long winter, the weather changes in the spring. We are excited by changes in routine, temperature, and social activities. This time of year often inspires us to do some spring cleaning to clear off the dirt. Even though we may fear the annual cleaning process, it feels wonderful to start the spring season uncluttered and with a new slate. There is some advice on the best five ways to spring-clean your vehicle as we clean out our homes, offices, and automobiles.

Vacuuming and brushing should be done on interior surfaces.

It would be great if you started by removing the dust from your car's surfaces with a brush with tiny bristles. Dust and debris should be removed from the ventilation spaces, seat cushion covers, and buttons. You can get rid of the dirt from hard-to-reach inside sections of your car by vacuuming it. To make your car clutter-free, remove all the unnecessary stuff, such as empty cups or bags, and dispose of them in the garbage.

Put everything in its proper place, including the sunglasses and papers, in your car to keep it organized, including the documents. This will assist you in establishing order; finish by perfuming an air freshener.

The carpets can be cleaned using a tough brush.

After the winter season, you'll need to give your carpet and matting a thorough cleaning. For optimal results, use a brush with firm bristles. Mats and carpets can be thoroughly cleaned by removing all debris, dust, and grime from them. When you're done cleaning, vacuum the carpet.

Clean the tyres on your car.

Your car's tyres can be thoroughly cleaned with non-acidic tyre products. Your tyres are not harmed by strong chemicals. Before you wash all the dirt off, clean your tyres with a stiff-bristled brush. Your tyres will be in excellent condition, and your automobile will look better from the outside as well.

Maintain your car from outside

Carefully clean and wash the exterior of your automobile to get rid of all the dust and dirt without harming it. The best choice is to wash the exterior by hand and use a carwash solution as opposed to homemade solutions like dish soap. Foam can be used to clean it and remove any excess water that has accumulated. It is preferable to remove extra water than to let your automobile air dry.

Keeping your windows clean

You should clean your windows as the final step. So that cleaning other areas doesn't make your windows dirty, you need to clean the windows last. To keep your windows in excellent condition, use a window cleaner as opposed to a glass cleaner. To remove stains, streaks, or marks from the window, use a microfiber cloth. When you roll down your windows, don't forget to clean the tops of them. Follow these recommendations for windows that are spotless.


Use these suggestions to get your car sparkling and looking brand-new. McMohan Automotive is the leading car cleaner that will make your car free from all the filth and dust that assembles during the winter in the spring season.

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