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McMahon Automotive is one of the most trusted and reviewed mechanics in NZ

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Scott McMahon from McMahon Automotive is a mobile mechanic serving Whangaparaoa and the Hibiscus Coast with more than 25 years of expertise. We works on petrol and diesel-powered vehicles, from trailers, cars, and tractors to commercial vehicles and fleet cars.

If you are looking for the best Automotive technician, you are in the right place. McMahon Automotive is one of the best-rated Mechanics on Google in NZ. McMahon Automotive provides highly professional services for your vehicles.

Services which we provide are as follows:

1. Computer Diagnostics

2. Hassle-Free WOF options

3. All Mechanical Repairs

4. Boat tractors servicing

5. Pre-purchase inspections

6. Fleet Vehicle Servicing

7. Vehicle Servicing

Mobile Mechanic

Computer Diagnosis: Does your light have the awful maintenance check light on? Whatever light is on, we can attend to you and check and determine the cause with the most up-to-date scanning technology.

Hassle-Free WOF options: The most practical mobile WOF service is provided by McMahon Automotive, who will also transport your car to a reliable WOF Inspection Agency on your behalf. This is a great solution if you find it difficult to leave the house or are preoccupied. Monday through Friday are the available days for the WOF Mobile service. If your vehicle fails a WOF, we can arrange the repairs needed to make it pass and be safe.

All Mechanical Repairs: On all brands and models, from tiny automobiles to light trucks, petrol, and diesel, we perform complete mechanical repairs.

Boat tractors servicing: Do you own a non-starting tractor? Perhaps a botched WOF trailer? We will come to your location to service and repair your boat tractors & trailers completely.

Pre-purchase inspections: We will skip the complicated logistics and send a skilled mechanic straight to the vendor. After the inspection, you will get a thorough analysis and contact to follow-up up to answer any concerns you might have.

Vehicle Servicing: A mobile mechanic in NZ named McMahon Automotive offers a variety of solutions to get your vehicle back up and running. Whenever you call McMahon Automotive to schedule a service, we'll work with you to find a time and location that work best for you. Your car will be analysed and examined by Scott McMahon. After that, we will let you know what has to be done before moving further. There are no unpleasant surprises in this method.

Fleet Vehicle Servicing: We provide thorough servicing and maintenance for fleet cars owned by many different kinds of organisations, minimising unwelcome and expensive downtime. Additionally, we'll ensure you don't jeopardise the vehicle's warranty from the manufacturer.

The high calibre of work: -

Our professionals offer thorough examinations and straightforward guidance.

Hassle-free: -

We provide you with a single account with real-time electronic invoicing, automated reporting, and personalised invoices for your whole fleet.

Convenient: -

The ultimate simplicity is getting our mobile experts to service your fleet on-site. Additionally, since we only provide services for the Hibiscus Coast, we are always just a few minute’s drives from redeeming the day in the event of an emergency.

Effective from a financial standpoint: -

Receive fixed-price servicing, with work only being finished after approval.

For any of the services as mentioned above, call 021 613 165 to book an appointment.

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