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What qualifications do you need to become a mobile mechanic?

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Mobile mechanics play a crucial role in our society. The position of a mobile auto mechanic is a highly specialised trade that requires an individual to develop specific skills in order to understand complex vehicle systems. Anyone with experience and skills in mechanics can become a mobile mechanic. You should be able to identify and fix any issues associated with vehicles. An individual needs to complete the educational requirements in order to become a mobile auto mechanic. Here in New Zealand this can be done through MITO.

There are many good reasons why mechanics nowadays choose to 'go mobile' instead of working in a garage. Working as a mobile mechanic involves fewer overheads than working in a garage.

What does a mobile mechanic do?

Depending on the level of experience and specialty, the daily responsibilities of mobile auto mechanics vary extensively. Inspecting vehicle engines, diagnosing structural, mechanical, and electrical issues, and advising customers on sustainable & safe vehicle maintenance and uses are some responsibilities taken care of by a mobile mechanic.

In order to become a successful mobile auto mechanic, you need to develop a combination of the skills. You should have an excellent knowledge of a vehicle's electronic and mechanical elements. Your critical thinking and problem-solving skills also become a contributing factor. Make sure to have a throughout understanding of vehicle diagnostic methods. Having multi-tasking skills also help you become a professional mobile mechanic. In order to become a successful mobile auto mechanic, you need to have advanced knowledge of the tools required to perform various maintenance and repair tasks.

By following the simple below-mentioned steps, you can become a successful mobile mechanic in 2022.

Complete your high school education:

Most mobile mechanics either hold a high school diploma or certification. It is because a high school diploma is considered to be the minimum requirement for becoming an auto mechanic. One needs to have a basic knowledge of reading and writing. Along with that, a basic knowledge of mathematics is also required to become a mobile auto mechanic. You will find some schools offering technical education courses. In order to become a successful mobile mechanic, make sure to enrol in an auto mechanic course.

Enrol in the apprenticeship or a training program:

Once you complete your regular education, enrol in a training program. This way, you will be able to receive an associate's degree or certification of completion in a mechanics program. Automobile manufacturers, vocational schools, and technical colleges are places where you can easily find such kinds of training programs ie, MITO.

Obtain Certification and state licensing:

The certification will help you fulfil the additional licensing requirements of your country.

Build your experience:

As soon as you receive your certification and licensing, build your experience by working as a mobile auto mechanic. Start working on cars and other vehicles to gain useful experience as a mobile auto mechanic.

With a shortage of professional and qualified mobile auto mechanics in New Zealand, your skills will be in demand for sure. McMahon Automotive, like many other mobile mechanical businesses in Auckland New Zealand, are always looking out for great talent to join it's team.

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